What are the integrated ceiling prices of integrated ceiling materials?

With the gradual improvement of living standards, people's requirements for their own room decoration is also increasing, integrated ceiling is the product of the trend of integrated home improvement came into being by the majority of users of all ages. It can not only make the room more beautiful and beautiful, but also play a role in sound insulation. So what do you know about the commonly used integrated ceiling materials? What is the price of integrated ceiling ? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

What are the integrated ceiling materials

Now, the ceiling is an important sub-item for beautifying home decoration in home decoration. The commonly used ceiling materials include gypsum board, PVC board, aluminum buckle board, mineral wool board, PS board and so on.

Gypsum board: Home decoration in the living room lamp pool, the restaurant's partial shape are mostly made of gypsum board, gypsum board is light, low price, convenient construction, but the commonly used products are fire-resistant and moisture-proof.

PVC board: mainly used in the bathroom or kitchen, the price is cheaper, about tens of yuan per square meter, lighter weight, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-mite. More color patterns, mostly plain. Select this type of material and notice that there should be no cracks or scratches on the surface. The disadvantage is that the high temperature resistance is not strong.

Aluminum buckle plate: a new type of ceiling material, its use in home improvement is also mainly used in the bathroom or kitchen, its performance is not only fire, moisture, but also anti-corrosion, anti-static, sound-absorbing, sound insulation, beautiful, durable, is a superior ceiling material . Its common shapes are long shape, square shape and so on. There are two types of surface: flat and punched.

Mineral wool board: Its sound-absorbing performance is good, and it can be insulated and fireproof. It is usually used in public places and used by families.

PS board: a new type of imported material, it has a variety of colors, elasticity, light weight, because it has a good light transmission, mainly used for luminous ceiling.

Integrated ceiling price

Green Angel kitchen bathroom integrated ceiling integrated ceiling price reference: 99 yuan / piece

Gurler TB514 integrated ceiling integrated ceiling price reference: 166 yuan / piece

Han Ding office integrated ceiling integrated ceiling price reference: 55 yuan / piece

The above information about the integrated ceiling materials and the price of integrated ceilings are briefly introduced here. We hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

Integrated ceiling integrated ceiling price

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