Three-roll gate report: the role of professional security management system intelligent security

The three-roll gate report: integrated system, full control of security is very easy, intelligent security management system will video surveillance, alarm, access control, intercom, intelligent analysis and other security subsystems in one set, in addition to integrating various types of conventional intelligent linkage In addition to functions (such as sensors and motion detection), a high-performance video intelligent analysis module is also provided. By accurately analyzing the objects and motion events in the image, alarm linkage and one-click processing of the alarms between the systems are realized.

The traditional large-scale professional security management system that constitutes a powerful integrated integrated security management system museums, commercial buildings, and enterprise factories generally has such three problems.

First, the system has a high rate of false alarms and a high false negative rate. Not only does it fail to play a security role, it can cause problems for users.

Second, a wide variety of security subsystems are independent of each other and have poor correlation and low efficiency.

Second, a large number of security devices and a large system architecture lead to complex management operations and high use costs.

The intelligent security management system gives the answer. The administrator can manage each subsystem in a unified way through a simple operation interface.

The visual performance of the intelligent security management system specifically covers two aspects:

First, the system has multiple layers of electronic map function modules

The second is that the system has designed a very user-friendly management interface.

The three-roll gate is based on the seamless integration of various subsystems and video surveillance technology. The intelligent security management system can also realize multiple visual linkages among various systems. Through this multi-system linkage and plan processing performance, security work efficiency can be effectively improved, event handling capabilities in emergency situations can be improved, user property security can be guaranteed, and various businesses can operate efficiently. . Thank you for your attention.

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