The three specifications of the stair design specification must not be violated

Stairs are something that we can often see in our lives. It is also a pathway that allows people to get up and down two spaces smoothly. It must be structured and designed so that it can guarantee the safety of life and property of each of our households to a greater extent. However, I don’t know whether or not everyone has felt that some stairs are easy to walk on and feel light and tired, while some stairs take two steps to make people feel struggling. Some of the stairs looked very comfortable, but it was hard to feel uncomfortable when walking, and some stairs, even if they didn't look like much, would not have been hard to work on. Then, Xiaobian will introduce the design rules for the stairs.

First, the indoor stair tread slope design

The slope of the general step is determined by the height of the house and the size of the space next to the hole. What is the slope of the stairs, that is, straight lines and horizontal angles formed by the leading edge of the indoor stair treads? This slope is regulated to about 30 degrees, which is the most comfortable angle, and the flatness is better.

Second, the indoor stair design

For the specification of the interior stairs, there are two kinds of pedals and uprights, which are required to adapt to the size of the human foot. Like a pedal model, the low-level steps make it easier for people to walk. The pedal width requirement is greater than or equal to 24cm, 28cm is the most comfortable size. The height of the stair riser should be less than or equal to 20cm. The size of 18cm is the most comfortable. If the width of each pedal is not the same as the height of the standing board, it is easy to fall. Therefore, the width of the pedal and the height of the standing board are the same.

Third, the indoor stair step design

The design rules for stairs are common in the stair industry. Even though they are often mentioned, the indicators are still uncertain, and they are only examples of what a large staircase company has done. Therefore, the so-called stair design specifications do not have specific rigid standards.

Although there are no specific rigid standards for the design of interior staircases, the specifications of the above three aspects are still the most satisfactory after verification by major staircase companies. The stairs designed according to this specification are also the most comfortable. So friends who want to design a staircase for their new home may wish to refer to these major norms.

Editor's summary: The design rules for the stairs are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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