How to choose a wallpaper that saves money and green home improvement tricks: Wall materials are not as expensive as possible

Wallpaper in the current market, its wide range of products, extremely rich graphics. Because the wallpaper is used on the wall, it occupies a large visual area in the entire space, so it plays an important role in the overall decoration style effect. Due to its colorful, rich designs, convenient construction, and affordable prices, wallpapers are loved by young owners. This is inseparable from the fact that the wallpaper is convenient, durable, has been replaced, and has rich colors that can give people different levels of style. A wall of creative and stylish wallpaper can make the wall vivid and full of fun, leaving home life away from simple and boring. So before the renovation, how to choose wallpaper ? If you want to know how to choose a wallpaper that is both economical and beautiful, come with me!

How to choose a wallpaper - Kind

1, plain paper wallpaper (wallpaper)

Mainly made of natural materials such as grass and bark, pure paper wallpaper has high environmental performance, but some products cannot be scrubbed with water. Nowadays, the natural reinforcing wood pulp wallpaper on the market is a higher quality product in the pure paper series, which is refined by adding wood fiber yarn into the high quality wood pulp. Its strength is greater than ordinary plain wallpaper, and can also be scrubbed with a wet cloth, anti-static, non-vacuum features.

2, plastic wallpaper (wallpaper)

Plastic wallpapers are generally divided into: glue-based paper-based wallpapers, ordinary wallpapers, foaming wallpapers, and the like. Ordinary wallpaper with paper as the substrate, coated with PVC paste resin, and then printed, embossed. This wallpaper is often divided into flat printing, light printing, monochrome embossing, printing embossing and other types.

Such wallpapers produce harmful gases due to burning, which are not allowed in children's rooms in European countries upon request. This kind of wallpaper is the most common wallpaper on the market of building materials in our country. There are a lot of manufacturers. (Wallpaper) has a large price span and great selectivity and is widely used in public places.

3, foam wallpaper (wallpaper)

Foaming wallpaper with paper as a substrate, coated with a foaming agent PVC paste resin, printed after foaming. This kind of wallpaper is thicker and softer than ordinary wallpaper. The surface of the high-foaming wallpaper is elastic and concave-convex; the low-foaming wallpaper is printed with a pattern on the foaming plane, and has strong texture and low price.

4, textile wallpaper (wallpaper)

There are two kinds of textile wallpapers: one is the traditional pure cloth wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper, which has good effect and strong visual impact. The biggest defect of this type of wall cloth is that it is easy to hang ash and it is not cleaned and maintained; the price is high; The kind of glass fiber wall cloth that is painted on the surface can be widely applied to all kinds of places, and has the function of crack prevention, and the color change is convenient.


5, natural effect wallpaper (wallpaper)

It is made of grass, wood, leaves, wool, etc., made of surface wallpaper, style is simple and natural, elegant and generous, lively atmosphere, giving people the feeling of returning to the original. The earliest to enter the market should be Japan's wallpaper. Because it is more popular, it is now also more domestic production.

6, wood fiber wallpaper (wallpaper)

Wood fiber wallpaper is a classic, practical high-grade wallpaper. Produced from wood fiber refined with special silk tree silk or polyester, it has no chemical infringement on the human body and has good air permeability. The moisture and moisture of the wall can penetrate the wallpaper. It is durable and can also be scrubbed with water. Can be cleaned with a brush.

7, metal wallpaper (wallpaper)

Metal wallpaper is gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum and other metals, after special treatment, made of thin paste on the wallpaper surface, it appears to be rich, gorgeous, dazzling and avant-garde. It is usually only available in hotels, restaurants or nightclubs. Less used in home decoration.

How to choose a wallpaper - both money and beautiful

1, choose better than before planning, on-demand purchase

Before planning the selection, we need to put wallpaper, wallpaper style, color, pattern, characteristics, etc., what kind of space is what kind of wallpaper. Under the premise of uniform overall style, the selection of wallpapers for each space can be determined according to his functions, and then he is committed to purchasing plans to reduce wallpaper waste.

2, according to the wallpaper shop area to buy, reduce waste

The wallpaper is suitable for the use of four walls in the bedroom or living room, but should not be used in the roof. According to different budgets, choose full wallpaper or partial wall wallpaper. If the whole surface is darker than a small area, you need to consider the entire effect. .

Calculation of wallpaper usage: The size of domestic paper is 0.53m*10m, and the size of Korean paper is 1.06m*15.6m. Required Wallpaper = Wall Width/Wallpaper Size* The number of crops that can be cropped. In the actual paste, the wallpaper has a reasonable loss of 8% or so, and the loss of the big flower wallpaper is greater. Therefore, the consumption should be set aside when purchasing, so that the amount of wallpaper can be achieved without waste.


3, rational planning wallpaper accessories, full savings

The accessories needed for the wallpaper include the base film (brushed on the wall surface, with mildew-proof, moisture-proof, and alkali-resistant effects), the rubber powder (after being mixed with water and brushed on the back of the wallpaper), glue (a kind of adhesive Agents, generally brush on both sides of the wallpaper, play the role of the edge). When selecting wallpapers, you should also understand their function and quality. It is recommended that you choose a brand that has a complete system, which is not only effective but also comprehensive and economical to prevent unfamiliar and arbitrary purchases.

4, according to their needs and wallpaper feature selection wallpaper

The following seven kinds of wallpapers are commonly used in home improvement cloth wallpapers: the pure paper wallpaper is suitable for the children's room; the PVC wallpaper is used as the wallpaper; the non-woven paper wallpaper is suitable for the living room, bedroom, background wall, etc.; the fabric wallpaper is suitable for the wall surface and the ceiling. Bulgki wallpaper is suitable for TV background wall, bedroom background wall, study part wall; special wallpaper with paper or cloth as substrate for special space.

5, according to popularity and personal favorite wallpaper

Wallpaper is now one of the most popular elements of home improvement. There are various types of wallpapers. You can choose the right material and style according to your home improvement needs. After comparing the features, performance, price, and applicable space of various commonly used wallpapers, we can base ourselves on The proper selection of suitable wallpapers allows you to purposefully pick and paves the wallpaper.

Editor's summary: The above is how to choose a wallpaper that saves money and green home improvement tricks: wall materials are not the more expensive the better the relevant introduction, want to save the money to carry out the end, in the decoration process, saving tips can not be less. From the choice of materials to the use of materials, from planning to decoration, each link has its own saving money. Therefore, if you want to be a savvy home builder and save money, you must do more homework before your renovation and learn more about saving money.

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