Charming blue tone cool blue curtain recommended

Blue is the color of contemplation and quiet. Many people in home design will choose blue tone. Today we want to see blue curtains. Such curtains will bring a sense of tranquility to the living room. If it is summer, you will feel the coolness at the moment you enter the house. Let's take a look at these blue curtains.

Semi-translucent fabric curtains are light and beautiful, and the combination of blue and white is more elegant. The large area of ​​color affects the home style directly, bringing a gloomy and simple posture.

The thick light blue curtains have a good light-blocking effect, and the finely decorated white patterns add to the aesthetics, avoiding the dullness of a single color and being very cute. The perfect combination of white and blue also brings a soft beauty to the entire space.

With soft blue as the base, large white flowers are clustered together and do not have an elegant charm. Curtains and this tonal cabinet match perfectly.


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